Last minute Risk Assessment

It happened again. Another panicked call from a client asking if we can do a last minute Risk Assessment and finalize the report before year end. The practice submitted the Risk Assessment that had been performed by their IT company, but it wasn’t adequate, and they were given until year end 2013 to meet the requirements or face the loss of their Stage 1 incentive dollars. Acentec, and our exclusive HIPAA Security Suite to the rescue!

This is not how we like to do things. It’s not a role we relish. While we can deploy resources adequate to meet the demands of a client in crisis, much of the stress and anxiety that goes along with crisis management can be averted. You don’t hire a painter to put in tile flooring, a heart surgeon to replace your hip, or a Cadillac mechanic to repair your Porsche. So why would you hire your IT company to perform a HIPAA compliance analysis?

We’re not knocking your local IT company, in fact, they’re frequently involved in our Risk Assessment process, particularly in closing the identified gaps we uncover through our GAP Analysis. In this particular case, the IT company actually did a decent job, but they’re not HIPAA experts, and required items were left either unaddressed or undocumented.

We’re so confident in our proprietary process that we guarantee our results. The end result is you’re more secure, more protected, and less likely to be victimized by employee error or miscreant hackers. The best part is our program was specifically engineered for ambulatory facilities and priced to meet your shrinking budget.

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