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Acentec provides best in class and proprietary products to the medical marketplace. All of the products we offer are engineered to improve operating results for small to large medical practices.

HIPAA compliant internal instant messaging – If you only read about one of Acentec’s exceptional products, make it our proprietary instant messaging software. This is the most cost effective way to improve the flow of information and documentation across your organization. Send broadcast messages to your entire staff, send documents to an associate, or just communicate with anyone on your network instantly. Try it free for 30 days for your entire staff.

Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management – Unlike many programs on the market today, Medinformatix was developed from the ground up to be a fully integrated EMR/PM solution. The result is an EMR that streamlines workflows and maximizes office efficiency. From solo practices to multi-specialty, 100+ provider groups, Acentec has references nationwide eager to share their success stories with you.

Automated Clinical Intelligence – EMA is a third party EMR plug-in that automates much of the decision making and documentation requirements physicians face each day. Developed over several years with the commitment of a number of physicians across several specialties, EMA takes EMR to the next level. But don’t believe us, listen to our clients.

Certified Patient Portal – Engaging patients in the cycle of care adds efficiency to your practice and enhances the patient experience. PogoMD® is a Certified patient engagement web application that automates much of the communication requirements facing physicians seeking to qualify for Meaningful Use. Contact Acentec for a list of features PogoMD® delivers in both stand-alone or EMR integrated modes.

It’s not enough to simply share records with your patients. Today’s patients expect open channels of communications with their physicians. Regardless of how you want to communicate with your patients, Acentec has a simple yet secure and HIPAA compliant solution for you.

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Outsourced Medical Billing

Hire our U.S. based Certified Coders to help with your medical billing. Flat Rate Advantage, U.S. Offices, No Long Term Contracts. Sign-up for a free M.A.S.S. financial audit.
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IT Support for Medical Practices

IT performance is mission critical in today’s healthcare environment. For more information on how we can manage and monitor your IT infrastructure, we offer SecureOfficeIT. A full IT support service for medical practices. More

PogoMD Certified Patient Portal

Share Easily! Share Privately! PogoMD® is the next generation in patient-physician communication! Referred to as commcentric architecture, it provides a centralized, secure hub for the flow of medical information across the entire care continuum. Click here