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HIPAA Compliant Cloud Backup.

HIPAA Compliant Online Remote Backup

Protect Your Medical Practice With Online Backup

Offsite Data Backup

Level I Online Backup Unlimited Computers
    • Easy Setup
    • Automatic Backup
    • Encrypted Offsite Storage
    • Unlimited Computers
    • Easy Restore
    • HIPAA Compliant

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Level II Backup State of the Art BDR System
    • Eliminate Business Continuity Risk
    • Low cost of implementation
    • Continuous backups
    • Cloud and local storage
    • Rapid disaster recovery
    • Automated Backup Integrity Checks

Level I Online Backup

Now, you can purchase automatic online backup service for your computer through Acentec. We provide easy-to-use, affordable and secure cloud backup solutions with anytime, anywhere data access.

We provides a simple, cost effective back-up solution that when configured optimally, allows for a seamless and essentially invisible back up solution. Fully secure and HIPAA compliant, an ideal solution for practices that don’t require a massive amount of data to be backed up on a daily basis.

You’ll never have to remember to back up again
Acentec offers automatic, continual and secure online backup for your medical practice computers, so you can rest easy knowing your irreplaceable files are protected. Once installed, your files will be backed up automatically and encrypted to the cloud – no hardware required – so you can get them back when you need them most.

Anytime, anywhere file access
Not at your computer? No problem! You can get to your backed up files from any computer connected to the Internet or even from your smartphone or iPad® with the free app. With Anytime, Anywhere Access, you can view your files anytime – whether you’re at home, or on the go!

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Level II Backup and Disaster Recovery

For clients that require a more complete backup and disaster recovery solution, Acentec offers state of the art BDR system. Providing both onsite and co-located remote backups, this delivers a solution that is secure, reliable, and HIPAA compliant. The technology creates a fail over system that keeps your critical operations up and running despite a total server failure.

Both solutions are offered through Acentec’s SecureOfficeIT managed services at discounted rates. For more information on how you can start backing up the files on your home or small business computers, contact us today!

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