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Flat Rate Medical Billing Service.


Flat Rate Advantage


Flat Rate Advantage

The only one benefitting from percentage based billing is your billing company. Let us show you how our flat rate approach saves you money and reduces your receivables.

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US Offices

Your patient data is NEVER shared or sent overseas. Our nationwide MASS team are employees of Acentec, not contractors.

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No Long Term Contract

We don’t ask our clients to sign long term commitments. Clients stay with MASS because it works better than traditional billing companies.

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Medical Administrative Staffing & Services (MASS)®

Medical Administrative Staffing & Services (MASS)® is an outpatient billing service.

Our billing business model saves clients money, increases reimbursements, and reduces receivables days outstanding. Unlike traditional billing services that take over your billing data and your patients, Acentec’s modular approach allows us to fill in staff where needed.

Acentec’s MASS staff includes certified coders, experienced billers across a number of specialties, and professional collectors. We’re so confident in the results we deliver our MASS clients, all billing relationships are offered with a no contract commitment – you can cancel anytime.

Our typical MASS client starts with us after losing staff or experiencing cash flow problems. Our MASS staff are experts at salvaging practices that find themselves on life support. For a free, no obligation assessment of your current Revenue Cycle performance, contact Acentec to schedule an analysis.

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Outsourced Medical Billing

Hire our U.S. based Certified Coders to help with your medical billing. Flat Rate Advantage, U.S. Offices, No Long Term Contracts. Sign-up for a free M.A.S.S. financial audit.
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